NerdyCute Brand Identity

NerdyCute Brand Identity


NerdyCute is a project by my sister and I to bring more nerdy cute goodness to the world. We create original designs for lifestyle goods.

The target demographic for NerdyCute includes people, mainly women, who enjoy expressing their identities with nerdy, cute lifestyle goods and accessories. They include college-educated women in STEM fields between the ages of 18-60 and and kids aged 13-17. Adults may be buying gifts for friends or children as young as 8.


NerdyCute is inspired by science and the natural world. I initially sampled bright colors from many things, including oceanscapes and Hubble space photos. The final color palette is very cute and contains light and dark blue, purple, pink and cream.


I chose the font Bubblegum San for the logo because it is reminiscent of comic book lettering, but with a more decorative flair. It is the perfect combination of nerdy and cute. I created many potential icons to pair with the lettering and polled them among friends, colleagues and potential customers in the NerdyCute demographic. The Nerdy Bunny design was the most popular, so it was chosen to be part of the logo.


I had pens made with a simplified version of the logo. They were a big hit at our booth at Rose City Comic Con. I created business card stickers, which were also popular giveaways. People enjoyed the unique and fun designs.