Marlena Cannon


Hi, I’m Mar, multi-talented creator of dreams—writer, artist, and designer. Through the alchemy of words, I invite you to join me in escaping reality. I enjoy any activity that transports me to another world: reading books, watching movies, playing video games. I also like tea, coffee, chocolate, black cats, libraries, drawing, watercoloring, nature walks and dream journaling.

As a writer, I enjoy crafting narratives that transport readers to new realms. From my early days of creative writing, where I proudly snagged second place in a 4th-grade county-wide contest, to dabbling in fan-fiction—some of which still lingers on the vast expanse of the Internet—I discovered the transformative magic of storytelling. 

Up until the global pandemic, I never took any formal creative writing classes and had doubts about the publishable quality of my original work. With the world in chaos, I set out on a quest to breathe life into the stories and characters that had been living in my head. Finally taking the time to develop my writing skills through continuing education, I then dove headfirst into crafting a cozy mystery novel, weaving the threads of an original fantasy world that had patiently awaited its moment to unfold.

Upcoming Novel: The Vanishing Castle: A Simarron the Centaur Mystery (working title)

Simarron is not like other centaurs. He left his home in the Wildlands to get a respectable job in the city as a magical safety inspector. However, his new life isn’t quite as he imagined it to be and his fellow housemates at the Slant Row Boarding House are shadier than an enchanted forest. When a castle disappears and an alchemist ends up dead, Simarron must play the part of a detective. He is a safety inspector, after all, and the city isn’t safe with a killer on the loose.

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