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PNW PGA Merchandise Show



Each year, the Pacific Northwest Section PGA puts on a merchandise and trade show. From 2010-2016, I have designed the banners and signs, guide book, and event flyers in a cohesive style.



Merchandise Show entry front


NerdyCute Brand Identity


NerdyCute is a project by my sister and I to bring more nerdy cute goodness to the world. We create original designs for lifestyle goods.

The target demographic for NerdyCute includes people, mainly women, who enjoy expressing their identities with nerdy, cute lifestyle goods and accessories. They include college-educated women in STEM fields between the ages of 18-60 and and kids aged 13-17. Adults may be buying gifts for friends or children as young as 8.


Washington Open Invitational Visual Design


The Washington Open Invitational is an annual golf tournament that has been held in Washington State, nearly every year since 1922. The evergreen and blue colors, as well as the complete aethetic, were chosen to reflect the mountains and bodies of water that make Washington so beautiful. The visual design was carried through from the logo to hole signs, banners and presentation check.


I hand-drew the “W” and the “O” in Illustrator.


The Pacific Northwest Section PGA Annual


The annual is a full-color, hardbound book containing photos and results of all the Professional and major golf tournaments in the Northwest. I created the layout using Adobe InDesign and edited the photos with Photoshop. I am also responsible for overseeing the production of the book (it is printed by Sheridan Books). I created the 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions.

Date: February 2011 – present.


Pacific Northwest Golf Hall of Fame


In 2011 I created the Pacific Northwest Golf Hall of Fame logo and visual design. The theme was carried out through the banner design, invitation design, and traveling display of the Hall of Fame itself. The logo is a combination of the Pacific Northwest Section PGA and Pacific Northwest Golf Association logos. I added text in the font Trajan Pro, which was unique to both logos but also paired well with both logos.