Washington Open Invitational Visual Design

Washington Open Invitational Visual Design


The Washington Open Invitational is an annual golf tournament that has been held in Washington State, nearly every year since 1922. The evergreen and blue colors, as well as the complete aethetic, were chosen to reflect the mountains and bodies of water that make Washington so beautiful. The visual design was carried through from the logo to hole signs, banners and presentation check.

I hand-drew the “W” and the “O” in Illustrator.


Century Gothic Bold, a sans-serif font face that is similar to Futura, but with higher x-height. This made it better suited to hold a “W” with such a tall x-height. Souvenir Regular, a serif font face with rounded serifs and a light look that paired well with Century Gothic Bold.
Sponsor Banner
Hole Sign
Presentation Check. Congratulations, Darren Black!