Marlena Cannon

Marlena Cannon

Writer, Artist, Designer


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About Me

Hi, I’m Marlena Cannon. I like to create characters and experiences in the digital world, as well as craft and design cozy stuff for the physical world. Whether through the written word or the visual arts, I’ve discovered the extraordinary power stories possess in shaping our perceptions and kindling the fires of curiosity within us.

As a writer, I enjoy crafting narratives that transport readers to new realms. My love of art and illustration is also a form of visual storytelling. In the digital branch of my creative journey, I’ve also delved into the art of brand design. Explore some examples on this site or visit my portfolio on Behance.

But my journey doesn’t stop there. Interactive design is my playground, where I transform narratives into immersive experiences. I have been creating professional websites since 2006. In 2014, I completed my Master’s Degree program – Web and Interactive Media – at the Academy of Art University.

Join me on this odyssey where words, art, and design converge to tell tales that linger in the hearts of those who dare to embark on the adventure!