Author: <span>Marlena</span>

PNWPGA Champions 2014

I created this movie using iMovie – cleaning up some clips in Adobe Premiere Pro first – to celebrate the champions of the 2014 tournament season in the Pacific Northwest Section PGA. Creative commons music is “Sunset and Guitar” by polyXploit ft. Astero.

UX Design: My Cambrian Aquarium


My Cambrian Aquarium is an educational website about the Cambrian period of Earth’s history. It is my master’s thesis project. The project includes an interactive timeline and virtual aquarium game. I designed the entire user experience, from conducting research to diagramming use case scenarios and information architecture, to user testing and analysis. Read more about my thesis project.


Proof of Concept: Game

User Scenarios

Information Architecture

The Pacific Northwest Section PGA Annual


The annual is a full-color, hardbound book containing photos and results of all the Professional and major golf tournaments in the Northwest. I created the layout using Adobe InDesign and edited the photos with Photoshop. I am also responsible for overseeing the production of the book (it is printed by Sheridan Books). I created the 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions.

Date: February 2011 – present.

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PNWPGA Hall of Fame: Mike Dowaliby

I created this video using iMovie for the 2013 Pacific Northwest Golf Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Mike Dowaliby was the 50th person to be inducted into the PNWPGA Hall of Fame and this video was played during the ceremony. Voiceover by Bill Yeend.