Author: <span>Marlena</span>

Mookie’s Northwest Grill

These are screenshots of the site I created for Mookie’s Northwest Grill (restaurant and site now closed). I used crimson, gray and warm gold in a modern design for a restaurant. I created all graphics except logo. I programmed the site using HTML, CSS and PHP.

Index page
A second-level page

Absolute Freedom

Absolute Freedom is a motion piece focused on typographic design, created as a school project. I created all work entirely in After Effects.

UX Design: Diverse Design

Diverse Design was a group project. It fulfilled a class assignment to design an online learning tool focused on usability. I designed the site wire frames and information architecture, as well as the layout of the second-level pages and account interface. I programmed site prototype using HTML, CSS and PHP (it is not a fully-functioning web site, but a high-fidelity prototype).



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