Pacific Northwest Section PGA Website 2016

Pacific Northwest Section PGA Website 2016 is a large WordPress site filled with many resources for golf professionals in the Pacific Northwest Section. In January 2016, I resigned the site to be fully responsive. I created a custom theme based on the Flat Bootstrap theme. I designed the right sidebar to be reminiscent of a sand trap. I decluttered the layout by moving some things to the footer, which I designed to look like rough grass.


I retained the drop-down menus that users were used to, but reorganized them slightly. The menus contain important information so that a page click might not even be necessary.


Each event can be accessed through the drop-down menu or through the calendar. The events are the most-visted content on the site. I cleaned up the events pages by taking advantage of Bootstrap to create tabbed content. I highlighted the sponsors for each event in a panel component.


The news blog is an important way for the Section to communicate with its members. News posts are auto-posted to Facebook.


This is a large site with a lot of content that is always growing. It is important to keep the pages consistent, so there are only two different layouts used on the sub-pages. If you’d like to see more of the site, please visit